Best And Free Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram stories is a great way to send all kinds of fun stuff to your profile. Although these stories are made to disappear within 24 hours, instead of buying real assets Instagram followers at any time, exciting highlights are completely legal in visitors to watch fun and organically gaining more followers does not mean you can not do. I’m looking for social support.
Influencer are often held with prominent featured cover stories. However, you do not need to be impressive to show your featured in a big way. If you want your profile to appear more harmonious, here are some steps that you should follow.

Use Canva to Create Your Featured Covers

Canva has many free templates and is a seamless and easy-to-use graphic design platform for everyone. You can easily use this tool to create a customized highlight cover for your profile and it’s even free! First create a profile or login in Canva and let your creativity shine.

Getting Started with Canva

On the Canva homepage, you’ll see a few options to help you get started. Select the option that says “Custom Dimensions” and choose the resolution: 1920 pixels high and 1080 pixels wide. After creating the background size, a blank canvas opens on the screen. You can add icons to this canvas and add background colors as well as text. Canva has many free background images as well as icons that you can edit and use. Create More Covers Once you’re done with your first featured cover, you can duplicate what you’ve already done or start over. You can create as many covers as you want and finally click on the download option to save them all on your device. Covers are usually downloaded as a zip file that you can open and transfer to your phone or tablet.

Add Your Featured Covers

Previously, you had to upload the highlight cover as a separate image that people had to go through to get the real highlights. But now Instagram has made adding a featured cover much more intuitive; all you have to do is go to the highlight you want to add a cover to and tap ‘more’ in the corner. Next, tap “Edit Highlight” and select “Edit Cover”.

‘Finally, browse your library and select the featured covers you’ve recently downloaded and easily upload them. Don’t forget to add highlight covers to all your highlights for the most polished look.


Although IG Highlights may not seem very important at first, it is absolutely necessary in an application where everything is aesthetic. It can attract your visitors and covers are a great way to organize and clean up your profile. Now you can easily save the best moments of your Instagram stories in one place. However, whatever you do, be sure to organize your highlights according to the likes of your followers so they can easily access them whenever they want.