Can You Schedule Instagram Posts?

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Many businesses are asking, “Can you schedule Instagram posts?” she asks. Employees don’t always find time to share content on weekends. By planning, brands can focus on the things that matter most to them, rather than figuring out when to post.

Contrary to what some know to be true, it is possible to schedule shipments ahead of time.

Many people may view IG as an “instant” social media network. But it’s important to know that posts on Instagram can be scheduled automatically.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts?

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In January 2018, Instagram announced that businesses will be able to schedule single posts in advance. Even in 2021, this feature is only available to users who have a business account.

If you’re hoping to learn how to schedule Instagram posts, these five steps may be helpful.

Set Up a Business Account

To use IG’s scheduling feature, you will need to create a business profile. A workaround for those who do not have such accounts is to update it in their settings.

This will also be helpful if you want to get even more out of your social media experiences. In addition to scheduling, a business profile also allows users to access other features such as Instagram Insights. This provides account holders with information about their followers’ age, gender, and location.

It will also allow individuals to add a contact button to their bios, making it easy for followers to communicate.

Use a Social Media Management Tool

Once you’ve set up the account and started creating a content calendar, you’ll need to figure out how to schedule Instagram posts for free. Luckily, there are tools online that can help.

Some of these platforms are free, while others are paid. For many influencers and organisations, scheduling posts is well worth the investment.

Plan Posts According to Your Audience

When it comes to scheduling Instagram posts, one of the best practices is to sync with the people who are most interested in the content, namely the target audience. This helps to keep the audience’s attention when individuals are most likely to be online.

This can positively impact content creators as it will create a greater opportunity for followers to engage with the content. It should also help in understanding the habits and online behavior of their target audiences.

Begin Creating Your Posts

Once a calendar is created, the next step is to create the content you’re going to share. One way to be successful here is to make sure everything stays true to the company’s voice and overall brand awareness.

Many companies struggle to decide which posts will be well received by their viewers. One option is to begin with the company’s products. It would be a great way to create different and creative posts on a topic viewers might want to know more about.

Another option is to post about exciting projects that the company is part of. It helps followers get to know the institution better.

Schedule Posts on Instagram

Once the content has been created, now it’s time to share it. With the planning capability, this part is easier and less time consuming.

Plan to share photos when viewers are more likely to see and engage with them. Using Instagram analytics can help understand trends in follower sign-in times.

At this point, it’s best to schedule posts on Instagram with flexibility in scheduling. Do not schedule all content to come out at the same time each day.

The Best Instagram Post Scheduler For All Creators

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While IG doesn’t allow users to manage their posting schedules, many external tools do. From organizing content calendars and scheduling posts to activity reporting, an Instagram post scheduler can work wonders in one’s social strategy and online presence.


This popular tool helps to manage the social media presence for many services and accounts. After a post has been scheduled, you’ll receive a push notification when it’s time to share. The rest of the posting must be completed in the Instagram app.

Unlike other tools, Hootsuite includes an automatic scheduling feature that selects the best post time based on follower interaction.

Hootsuite provides a free version with limited features. This may be the best option for low volume users. There’s also a plan that costs $19 a month and includes extra functionality.


This application allows users to better manage their social media channels through scheduling. The supported networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Buffer can easily be described as a combination of a mobile app and a web service.

While setting the post, users cannot edit their images. This means there is no way to crop, add filters, or tag anyone until you actually post.

When the post is ready to be published, users receive a notification from Buffer reminding them it’s time to publish. From there, they have to go into the app to manually submit the content.

There are paid subscription plans with more features as well as a free Instagram planner that comes with all the basics.


It’s a social media management tool that works on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It can also be linked to Google Photos or Dropbox Photos for faster sharing.

This mobile app and web service is packed full of exciting features, as well as insightful analytics and metrics. For example, the app can tell users when to post based on high engagement times.

A free account allows individuals to work with basic features, including the ability to schedule Instagram posts. Monthly subscription plans let you work with many users, upload videos and share more content per month. These packages start from $9 a month to $49 a month, depending on the features included.


This platform promises to provide Instagram marketers with a personalized smart vote. With Tailwind, users can automate many Instagram processes such as updating their bios and optimizing posts with SmartSchule and Hashtag Finder.

As smart assistants, SmartSchedule chooses post times based on when followers engage most. Hashtag Finder is another feature that helps posts find success by using popular Instagram hashtags to help get discovered by the right followers.

Tailwind also plays a huge role in saving time by creating lists of hashtags, recommending user and location tags, and formatting captions.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is aimed at larger teams and agencies rather than individual users. That’s why it’s known as a heavy-duty social media management tool.

Features include:

• Draft, plan and publish IG posts

• Organize and manage posts in the release package

• Tag and comment on posts directly

• Provide in-depth reporting

• Assign duties to team members

• Create exciting campaigns and compelling content

A 30-day free trial is offered for those who want to try the app before committing. Basic plans start at $59/month.

How to Schedule Posts on Instagram Without Third-Party Apps

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Even though Instagram is best known as a mobile app, many wonder if they can post to the platform via a desktop. Short answer here is yes. IG recently launched the functionality.

Here are a few best practices for scheduling posts on Instagram using a desktop and without third-party tools.

Schedule Instagram Posts Using Creator Studio

While there still isn’t a way to post directly from Instagram, Creator Studio allows individuals to schedule Instagram posts and IGTV content.

1. Log into Creator Studio on Facebook. Users will see all profiles linked to their Facebook account, including their IG if any.

2. Link to IG. The “Try It Now” button on Creator Studio’s home page allows users to link their Instagram accounts.

3. Display account content and insights. Linking accounts lets users see insights and reports as they manage their content in the studio.

4. Upload your submission. Creator Studio has a large “Create Post” button in the top left corner. Clicking this button will give you two post options: Instagram Feed or IGTV. From there, users must follow the prompts to upload their posts.

How to Schedule an IG Post From Desktop

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Scheduling IG posts helps to save time and fast. Nine options on how to schedule an Instagram post from a desktop.

1. Click on “Create Post” and select Instagram Feed. A pop-up will then list all accounts. If multiple profiles are listed, choose the one that should be used.

2. Type a headline. Adhere to the same formatting guidelines as they appear on IG. Add mentions and hashtags in a thread.

3. Add a position. This step is not required, but is highly recommended.

4. Upload pictures and videos. Share up to 10 pictures and videos in one post.

5. Organize photos. All photos should be formatted square or landscape orientation. This can be corrected by cropping or resizing the image.

6. Finalize the videos. Video files should be between 3 and 60 seconds in 4:5 or 16:9 format.

7. Broadcast. Once you’re done editing, the “Publish” button will turn bright blue. This means that the post is ready to be shared.

8. Plan your post. Next to the Publish button there is a dropdown arrow. This provides the option to schedule for the future. Simply select a day and time and click ‘schedule’.

9. Posts cannot be edited in Creator Studio after they have been published or scheduled. Users will need to make any edits directly in the IG application.

How to Share IGTV Videos From Desktop

Publishing and scheduling IGTV videos is almost the same as scheduling Instagram posts. Once complete, the IGTV post will be displayed in the Creator Studio Content Library. Here are seven ways to perfect the process.

1. Click on ‘Create Post’ and select IGTV. Select the correct account and fill in the fields.

2. Select files from computer. Users can also select files from Facebook pages.

3. Add a caption. Videos won’t load without a title.

4. Add a comment. This could include hashtags and URLs.

5. Choose a cover image. Upload a custom image or choose from thumbnail images.

6. Select placement options. This could include IG or Facebook.

7. Broadcast or schedule. Share now by clicking ‘Post’ or adjust the post using the drop-down menu and wait for the future.

Using Instagram Scheduler to Auto Publish Your Posts

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Scheduling posts wasn’t an option when Instagram first started. As the platform began to evolve and advance, it became possible to schedule shipments using third-party apps to send users a push notification reminding them that it’s time to ship.

Nowadays, it is possible to publish posts automatically using Instagram timer tools. Push notifications are not required. Users simply need to upload their photos or videos, choose a date and time, and schedule their posts to be published automatically.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when automatically sharing content.  

• Auto post is available only to people with an Instagram business profile. To get started with this feature, they must create a business profile on Instagram and link their account to a Facebook page.

• Those with regular IG creator profiles cannot use business features, including auto-publishing or analytics and insight tools.

• Only single pictures and videos can be scheduled. Scheduling revolving posts requires setting up a push notification to remind users when to go online and post.

If users still want to be notified while scheduling posts, they can click the notification button. This will send a push notification to their phone and remind them when it is time to go online.

The Benefits of Scheduling IG Posts

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Time is valuable. Business owners, marketing executives, and social media influencers know this. Those looking to improve their time management skills should seek resources to help them do just that. Finding an Instagram scheduler, for example, offers many advantages in staying organized and saving time.

Post More Often

There’s such a thing as too much and too little posting on social media. It is recommended not to post on Instagram more than once a day. Followers usually try to engage with pages that constantly post new updates.

Companies that post every day tend to have a loyal fan or follower base that looks forward to their new posts. Taking the time to post more frequently can help grow a new and loyal audience.

Use Time Effectively

Creating an IG post consists of many steps, from choosing an image and writing a caption to adding hashtags and uploading them to Instagram. This can be very time consuming.

Planning posts is one of the best ways to save time. Modern tools make it much easier to do this with drag and drop functionality. Users can now use this time more effectively by eliminating the time required to publish content.

Put More Creativity Into Captions

A good caption can decide whether to take action by following someone’s content or interacting with it. There are many directions one can take when thinking about subtitles. They can be funny, witty, clever, informative, but in general they must be creative.

Coming up with IG captions can be tricky. Those who find themselves stuck with a possible understatement should consider looking to others for guidance and feedback.

Info: Another good idea for captioning is to spend a few minutes every Thursday or Friday typing all the headlines for next week’s posts. This should help break into the writing field while remaining organized, productive and effective.

Be More Careful When Publishing

As human beings, it’s understandable that mistakes are sometimes overlooked. For example, a post was published too early and needed to be deleted and reposted to fix the problem.

If organizations schedule Instagram posts, they have a chance to review, edit, and ask for feedback before moving forward with an unfinished post.

Some errors may not be significant, such as a common typo or missing punctuation. However, spreading false information about the company or stating an untrue fact can be damaging.

Give a Good First Impression By Planning Your Instagram Layout

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First impressions can make or break a person’s job. Same goes for social media accounts in 2021. Consider how a potential customer would feel if they profiled an organization they want to learn more about.

If the profile is neat and tidy, the customer will continue to search as they search for more content they can relate to.

This is unprofessional if the account is messy and disorganized. In the future, it may cause the person to withdraw from the organization.

IG scheduler apps help to edit the person’s profile as users can schedule the layout of their page directly in the app.

Interact With Followers

Engaging with audience members on a regular basis can help increase engagement rates. However, busy schedules usually prevent this from happening.

Engaging with followers can help businesses strengthen their image as they promote themselves as an industry thought leader. It also helps to build confidence and trust.

This may result in higher rates and increased follow-ups. The followers you gain may even become loyal customers.

Don’t Underestimate Hashtags

While there is a lot of confusion about hashtags and how often they should be used, they are a great tool for increasing engagement rates. Using them won’t make an individual IG famous overnight, but they will gradually introduce users to new pages.

Use hashtags effectively by choosing the ones that are commonly used. That way, the post is more likely to appear in the stream of someone who is interested in this type of content.

Best Practices for Planning Instagram Posts

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Scheduling IG posts can be tricky. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of Instagram to do this effectively.

When learning how to schedule Instagram posts, here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Schedule No More Than One Week In Advance

A social media platform like IG requires users to stay updated on trends and current events. By planning posts too far in advance, creators risk jumping into a new style’s wagon when it’s too late.

An important practice here is to leave a few clear spaces in a calendar and plan a week in advance.

Proofread and Edit All Posts

It’s a silly mistake here, and it may not completely hurt one’s strategy. But when the errors start to increase, the credibility and reliability of the page may begin to be questioned.

Typos and incorrect information can also give the impression of carelessness. It’s not what businesses want their followers to think about the quality of their work.

Quality for Quantity

While it’s important to post consistently, creators shouldn’t post things just to post. Everything shared must be quality content. Individuals must never compromise quality for quantity.

Don’t Ignore Analytics

Monitoring analytics and other information is a huge help for businesses to perfect their social media strategy. For example, they can use metrics and insights to understand when users are most engaged with content and shape their posting schedule from there.

Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Finding the best time to post on IG can be tricky, but it’s possible. It’s important to set a posting time when most followers engage with online content.

It also helps to think about the algorithm of Instagram. For the most part, users browsing their feeds will see new content. In conclusion, one of the best practices for posting is to share content when followers are online.


Can You Schedule Posts On Instagram for Free?

Most people often ask, “Can you schedule posts on Instagram?” he finds asking. Doing this for free is the dream of many businesses as it will save them time and money.

One way to schedule posts for free is to use auto post, a feature available on business profiles. Other than that, third-party apps are a possibility as well.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

According to research, it is best to post on IG once a day. Posting less can make followers lose interest. On the other hand, sharing too much can be annoying.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not post more than one post per day. This can lead to unfollowers because they don’t want to be flooded with the same content or page in their feeds.

Is Posting on Instagram Everyday Annoying?

Posting on IG every day should be fine, as long as the creators stick to one post per day. Any more than that can be annoying and result in lower engagement rates and unfollow.

Is Scheduling on IG Worth It?

It’s not always easy to schedule Instagram posts, but it often needs to keep one’s business or personal brand afloat. Doing so has helped others increase their follower, engagement rate, and revenue for those who have had to schedule posts at ideal times and on a consistent schedule.

What are some other ways users can share and schedule content on IG? What are the key features and insights? Submit tips and stories below to keep the conversation going.

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