Determining What to Post on Instagram for the Brand

Every successful brand, business, and personality needs an amazing Instagram profile. But what makes a profile extraordinary?

The top-quality pages all have one thing in common: their content appeals to their audience and encourages engagement. Successful social media is more than just blog posts with pretty pictures or funny jokes.

Brands need audiences to love what they share, so they will talk about it and share.

Essentially, it’s all about innovative and impactful ideas. This list of ideas for what to share on Instagram is a great guide to improving any feed.

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Influencers who know what to write on IG are number one. This is because engaging content is the easiest way to broaden brand awareness and audience.

A business can gain followers, fans and customers with great posts such as:

• Product and service tags

• Inspiring pictures, quotes and videos

• Personal behind the scenes videos

• Interactive polls, surveys and more

When a user starts creating blog content that their audience engages with, the platform boosts those posts. This in turn encourages more viewers.

Repost Fan and Follower Instagram Posts

The Instagram culture in 2021 is heavily reliant on influencers and brands that treat their followers equally. Fan content is some of the biggest ad material out there. Sharing a follower’s Instagram posts is a quick way to increase the reputation among fans.

It is important to remember that all borrowed content must be given appropriate credit. Even if the post isn’t the original piece of art, always be mindful and backlink to the responsible fan or follower.

Share Interesting Statistics

The data displayed graphically is a current trend online and a good option to put on Instagram. People like to see stats and other information in an easy to consume way.

Use this trend and share relative stats that fans are sure to like. Always give credit to graphs and charts available on the internet or use a program like Excel 2021.

Post Cool Illustrations

Effective Instagram feeds capture the attention of viewers. This is where illustrations come in.

Custom illustrations can be tailored to the target audience and open the door to communication between a business and its customers.

Try picking a thought-provoking image that is relevant to a brand’s industry. If the drawings were created by a third party, always give the artist proper credit.

Demonstrate Your Favorite Places

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Coming across as a real, lovable person is a huge aspect of being relevant on a digital blog. One way to manage this is to take photos or videos in locations that are exclusive to the operator of the Instagram account.

Such screens serve as a self-promotional function, allowing the viewer to relate. They also establish strong, positive relationships with the companies shown.

Implement White Space

Ignoring a page’s aesthetics can degrade the overall quality of the content. A quick way to improve the look of a post is to apply white space.

This is the area around a photo that frames the picture and creates a slick, clean appearance. White space can be added to the Instagram 2021 application, but other photo editing programs provide this service as well.

Properly Use Funny Posts

One of the most standard Instagram ideas is to use funny posts and videos to keep an audience entertained. However, when choosing humorous content, it is very important to consider the target audience.

While some viewers may appreciate a small amount of dark humor, others might run for the hills. Make an appropriate assessment of followers and the overall industry for the brand, and this will be your guide to curating funny topics.

Upload Pathos Charged Videos

Pathos is one of the biggest forms of attraction that can be used in advertising. Essentially, it is a product that plays on the natural emotions of the viewers. This could mean a sad ad about kidnapping a pet or a heartwarming ad expressing true love.

Using these types of emotional videos is a great Instagram idea because it can get your blog followers talking and reacting.

Trickle in Some Lighthearted Gifs

Using joyful gifs is a delicate art. This type of content focuses on relatable situations that most people would enjoy. Gifs can be funny, uplifting or comforting. The focus is on presenting seamless moments for viewers to relate to each other in comments.

Overuse of this content can create a boring feed. But finding fun things to share on Instagram during busy times can help calm the fanbase and keep them coming back for more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Giveaways

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There’s a reason free giveaways are great Instagram ideas and are common across all platforms – they work.

These promotions are new version of free samples. They have the advantage of being less expensive and providing a higher rate of return on purchases. A good giveaway allows viewers to interact across multiple platforms and keep them coming back to look for future contests.

Implore Followers to Share

Followers are the lifeblood of the social media world and should be treated that way. Of course, no influencer or brand should have to admit to abuse at the hands of fans. Still, it’s crucial to understand the importance of fan shares to the overall accessibility of a page’s content.

There are many great ideas for Instagram, but none of them matter without a reliable base of followers.

Show Behind the Scenes

No one wants to invest their time and audience with an influencer or brand that seems snobbish, inaccessible, or fake. Therefore, taking a look at the events and scenarios behind the scenes is a recipe for good Instagram content.

Let the audience see the hard work that goes into their fun. They often return the favor by working hard to spread the brand impact.

Join Forces with Other Users

If you find it hard to grow a following, consider collaborating with another creator. Collaborations are incredibly popular across all industries and blogging communities. Followers like to see more than one user; enjoy creating content together.

Additionally, parts of the fan community that haven’t switched could potentially be new customers.

Try Offering Tutorials

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Instagram users love to get inside information about the industries they enjoy. The tutorials help fans feel like they’re connecting more closely to the industry. It doesn’t matter what type a feed belongs to.

Don’t give away private secrets, satiate the desire to learn for in-depth discussions.

Celebrate Holidays

While it’s fun to celebrate every season’s major events, niche events are in vogue.

There are many attractive things to send to celebrate fun holidays like:

• January 29 – Puzzle Day

• April 17 – Haiku Appreciation

• 31 May – Macaroons Day

• June 26 – Take Your Dog to Work

• July 21 – Junk Food Day

• November 13 – World Kindness Day

• December 18 – Ugly Cossack Day

Show Your Daily Wake-Up Routine

If beauty, fashion or lifestyle is the leading brand theme, including wake up or “get ready with me,” posts are a fun way to engage fans.

Morning routine videos are popular across all social media types, including Facebook and YouTube. They’re especially successful on Instagram. Take a behind-the-scenes look at followers, but still edit the content to reveal only the chosen ones.

Fans will appreciate the candor and may find the provided details informative. This means they will come back to the post and provide additional insights down the road.

Fill Content Gaps with Floral Images

Sometimes it can be difficult to fill the feeding gaps. Creators get sick, have appointments, or just need a break. To maintain a consistent upload schedule, consider filling areas with beautiful nature or flower images.

The image should be nice and bright. It should attract users to read the attached text. The caption could be a general update, an inspirational quote, or something else.

Show Your Battle Station

Users love to see how the influencers they follow are going live. One technique to give fans a behind-the-scenes look is to share a workstation image.

Fans might wonder how the space was customized, or ask about where certain decor or items were purchased. Either way, it triggers conversation, a vital part of spreading to new followers.

Outfit of The Day

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Like Battle Station images, clothes of the day (OOTDs) are popular on social platforms. OOTDs are fun stuff to post on Instagram because followers love to share their opinions on items and copy views. Add links to items in the attached text.

Also, consider adding a sponsored piece to the outfit for additional impact.

Share the Flavor of The Month

Not all Instagram ideas have to include highly produced content, expensive photo shoots, or paid advertising. Revealing simple pleasures such as a taste of the month or new recipes is the best way to share them with fans.

Viewers love to get a close look at the lives of their favorite influencers, and posts like this tend to perform very well. Accompany the text post with a fun image of the item in question and ask followers for their opinions to start the conversation.

Talk About New Apps

Other things to post on IG, such as “taste of the month”, include new websites and apps that users may not be aware of.

Try reaching out to the app builder to find out if they’re open to an affiliate post but still willing to share their product even if there isn’t any link. In fact, sharing ideas about non-sponsored items is an excellent way to build follower trust.

Display DIY Projects

Be proud of DIY projects and give them a place in the line of regular Instagram posts. Viewers love to be reminded of their favorite influencers’ skills and talents. Additionally, questions about the project can initiate blog participation.

Add in the DIY failings. Followers often enjoy the comedy behind this type of content and can make influencers look more humble and more likeable.

Share your DIY as a time-lapse video or gif for more effects. Also ask the audience for pictures of their DIY projects.

Create and Share Custom Images

Art influencers often implement the strategy of using custom illustrations in their Instagram posts. However, users don’t have to be professional artists to share handmade images. There are even some great free programs online that let amateurs create their own graphics.

Use Equipment to Create a Flat Lay Image

One of the easiest Instagram post ideas that will make everyone look super talented is a plain image.

Simply put, this is when a scene is full of elements and the photo is taken directly from above. Use equipment that allows followers to ask questions and search and interact with links.

People Love “Instagrammable” Walls

Photographing in front of charming, “instagrammable” walls is a hot trend in 2021.

Find a wall that has:

• There is cool graffiti

• Displays a striking mural

• There is visually interesting rot

• It is the symbol of a particular town or neighborhood

• Can trigger conversation

Show Off Things You’ve Learned

Demonstrating newly learned skills makes for an engaging discussion topic. It also demonstrates a willingness to remain knowledgeable and relevant.

Ask followers about tips or advice to encourage participation.

Teach Followers About Time Management Techniques

Providing time-management techniques is a great way to educate the audience while providing a clear topic of conversation.

Search the comments for questions and give thoughtful advice. This type of engagement can increase engagement and build a more loyal following.

Let Fans Cheer on Your Goals

Feel free to share both short and long term goals with the audience. Digital fan bases are not only fantastic supporters but also allow them to be part of the journey. This can create returning users trying to follow and complete goals.

Throw up Interactive Polls

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Everyone wants to feel heard, including fans and followers. Providing surveys to users gives them a sense of control over their entertainment. They can be silly or about a real post content.

As a side note, don’t post surveys without the intention to share or use the results. This can create a disingenuous appearance.

Provide a Customer Feature

Pick a customer and show it to the rest of the community. Share their achievements, thank them for their support, or find another way to get them the center of attention.

This will help followers feel important and increase engagement as others compete to be chosen as a featured community member.

Demonstrate Tips and Tricks

Got some great tips and tricks for a craft or service? Show off them with videos, gifs and sharp images.

Followers respond to them because they open the lines of communication. They’re also great to repost and share. Popular tips tend to gravitate towards other social platforms and trend well.

Feature Someone You Admire

The tag of appreciation performs very well on all social media platforms, especially TikTok.

Creating a post to say “thank you” to an admirable person has many great benefits.

• Get opinions from that person’s fanbase

• Fire up interaction in the comments

• Create a modest look

• Initiate an opportunity for collaboration or response from the person tagged

Stay Culturally Relevant and Discuss Current Events

While it may seem natural to avoid current events, it’s crucial to show followers that the brand stays up to date.

These things can be discussed without starting drama, and offer a great place to start a discussion with an audience base.

Try Starting a Co-Campaign

Realistically, the best thing about Instagram is how easy it is to advertise for a brand, service or company. Still, it does take some effort to keep promotional initiatives fresh and effective. This is where the co-op campaign comes in handy.

A joint campaign might mean:

• Use another influencer or business to create matchmaking, collaborative posts and promotions

• Collaborate to create a product that represents both brands and is advertised by both

Both options are great ways to reach a new audience while simultaneously engaging existing followers.

Advertise Your Products With Videos

Don’t fall into the trap of only posting pictures of products. This can get boring and doesn’t add confidence to their beauty or functionality.

Creating videos and gifs about a product can give users a realistic impression of the product and enable them to see details not visible in a photo. Just as it shines in the sun. Or how easy to use.

Remind Users of Upcoming Events

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Many users choose to follow brands and companies on Instagram for their company news. They want real-time updates on upcoming events, launches, releases, and more.

Remind users occasionally via update texts, even if an event is announced in advance. This can help improve attendance and attendance at the event.

Practicing fun countdowns is also a great choice because it increases participation on the way to a big event.

Create Throw Back Posts

Remind users of the past with a bounce post. These are more than cute things to send. They help demonstrate the effort put into a brand that is often rewarded with user loyalty.

Instagram post ideas for backlink images include:

• Photographs of original business locations

• First edition of a handmade item

• Ribbon cutting or other early celebratory displays

• Photos from past training events

• Unforgettable failure or starting from the past

Attempt a Hashtag Contest

One of the most interesting things to share on Instagram is a hashtag competition. Hashtag contests involve asking followers to post their own original content with a particular hashtag for a chance to win prizes.

These contests are great because they not only give free visibility to a brand’s page, but also shareable items from fans. The ultimate way to increase follower engagement.

Talk about Pets

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Of all the Instagram post ideas to talk about pets is one of the easiest to implement. This is because they produce naturally engaging content.

Even the ugliest furry friends can quickly gather a fan base and attract a crowd of fans. Try asking users to also share pictures of their four-legged friends.

A great video or photo of a pet might find itself trending on other social media sites.

Be Inspirational but Not Cheesy

Followers will appreciate the wise words that inspire them and make them get through their day. But when looking for what to post on Instagram, avoid posts that are dismissive, cheesy, or “fake-deep”. Instead, try to cite outstanding philosophers or personal anecdotes that can speak to someone on a candid level.

Hold an AMA

As mentioned earlier, followers like to feel a personal connection to the companies they follow. This is why an AMA (or “ask me anything”) is one of the best Instagram post ideas.

Ask questions and keep giving thoughtful responses to as many people as possible. Be sure to include a time limit on the original post so users aren’t shocked when replies stop coming.

Flaunt Your Failures

Nobody is perfect, but fans tend to idolize influencers and brand managers at an unrealistic level. Showing off failures helps hold humanity to an account and builds a healthier relationship with followers and fans.

In addition, if mistakes occur in the future, if he is open about past mistakes and failures, there will be less loss of reputation.

Display Before and After Images

Demonstrate product or location improvements with before and after pictures. Followers will feel included in the journey that starts the immersive conversations. This may lead to a viral post.

In addition, using previous photos adds credibility to the next image.

Highlight Employee Posts

Let the world know that employees are respected by sharing their content and success. Providing team members with such public recognition is a great way to ensure they give their best as a representative of the brand.

Companies that appreciate their employees find that their followers are spread far better than those that don’t. This is because employees often defend and advertise the company freely. Make sure to add appropriate credit to their page, but check to see if the rest of their posts are suitable for followers of the brand.

Advertise Open Positions

Hiring employees and contract builders has changed over the past decade. Now, the easiest way to find a specific individual who is already familiar with the brand is to post job postings on social media.

Instagram is particularly great for this because its messaging system and ability to connect to apps and forms are so simple.

When people apply, use their social media to review and save time and money on interviews.

Don’t Worry About Not Having Enough Photos

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There’s no such thing as posting too many pictures on Instagram. Whenever there is something interesting about the brand or sparks the imagination, take a photo and save it for another occasion.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for great photo shoots. Practice local environment and buildings. Try searching antique shops or decor stores for strange items. Take a photo in the shop right away and don’t spend a penny!

If there’s a real shortage of pictures for a day, consider sharing a follower’s post and giving them praise and appropriate credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Posts Do Best on Instagram?

People love to see others praised by their favorite influencers. Additionally, this type of content helps them connect and informs them.

The best performing posts on Instagram include:

• Follower/customer creations

• Behind the scenes content

• Product information or mocks

What Should You Not Post on Instagram?

While users love to see vulnerability and honesty from users, there are a few things that should never be shared on Instagram.

Here are some examples:

• Images that disparage a job, boss or coworkers

• Continuous selfies or irrelevant content just to pass the time

• “Vaguebooking” (formerly known as posts complaining about a mysterious, unnamed person or situation)

• TMI (too much information) posts showcasing things that strangers shouldn’t know

• Excessively boastful images that make others feel bad about them

• Slang and complaints that reduce the brand’s positivity

• Posts that incite jealousy or other immature emotions

• Intimate details about personal relationships

• Content-free text about boredom

• Extremely long subtitles that users don’t want to bother to read

What Should You Post First on Instagram?

The most important detail about a first Instagram post is that it needs to be exciting and sparking engagement. Do not choose a simple selfie or still photo with a short description.

Instead, post an entertaining video that encourages conversation. Write about something exciting about the job that users will find noteworthy. Strive to give people something worth pursuing.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

It’s important to avoid spamming users with recurring posts that clog their feeds. Optimal return is 1-2 days. Top accounts post once a day and only post the best, most interesting stuff.

Still, if the content is great, you can quickly get away with posting every couple of days.

Is It Weird to Post a Selfie on Instagram?

A selfie that has no other purpose is not a good thing to post on Instagram. It can give users the idea that the influencer is just vainly looking for praise and has no other content to share.

Also, selfies with interesting context are excellent. Use them to show off collaborators, travel updates and more.

Take Instagram Feed to The Next Level

The only limit to effectively representing a brand online is not researching what will be posted on IG. With this list of ideas, it’s easy to provide content for a growing base of followers.

Focus on the audience’s needs and wants and let vulnerability, honesty, and creativity guide the way.

Got any great tips for Instagram that we haven’t mentioned? Share it down below!

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