Hide Friends on Facebook Using a Desktop

When it comes to social media use, the old saying ‘knowledge is power’ in 2021 couldn’t be more true. As the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook is also one of the largest private information sources. And the social media giant knows about it. One thing that can be done to protect a user’s privacy is to hide one’s friends list from other users by following a few simple steps and tips that will help you learn how to hide friends on Facebook.

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It may not be great news, but as of 2021, everyone’s Facebook account will automatically set a user’s Friend List to public, allowing anyone to access this information. However, learning how to hide your friends on FB using a desktop is not that difficult and can be done in just a few clicks.

Search no more and follow these eight easy tips:

1. Access an account’s profile settings by clicking the down-pointing arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen on the home page.

2. Select Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Settings

4. From the menu, select the Privacy setting, which the user can find on the left.

5. There will be a section entitled How People Find and Contact You, where Who can see your Friends list? where there is a setting called

6. Click on Edit.

7. If the list should be private only to people who are not connected to a user on Facebook, change the setting from the current state to Only Me or Friends.

8. Finally, click Save.

It is important to note that hiding friends is not the same as blocking the friends list on Facebook. Doing so won’t prevent private friends from seeing personal posts in their news feed.

How to Hide the Friends List on Facebook from a Mobile Device

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Changing the privacy settings of the friends list on Facebook is not much different from doing it on desktop in 2021. This can be a quick solution when a user decides to increase their privacy while on the go. Below is an instruction guide to hide friends list on Facebook from a mobile device.

1. Access the app, click Menu while on the Facebook home page, which you can find by clicking on three parallel lines. The location of the button may vary depending on the mobile device.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Settings & Privacy option.

3. Tap on the Settings option.

4. Locate the section entitled Privacy.

5. Click the Privacy Settings.

6. Search for How People Find and Contact You.

7. Who can view your friends list? Click .

8. Change the current setting to Me only.

In the mobile version of the app, there is no option to save the changes made, as they are made automatically when a setting is selected.

The steps above are also a great help for those who want to know how to hide their FB friends from an iPhone.

Hide Friends on Facebook from Another One

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Hiding friends from people is a common thing. It’s a different ordeal to do it on an account just to prevent one or a few people from seeing a user’s familiar list. This is something a user might want to do just to prevent certain people from accessing this type of personal information. Luckily there are ways to hide one’s privacy.

To hide the list from the view of specific people, the same steps as shown above for desktop and mobile versions should be followed.

But there’s one simple exception. The last step is all that needs to be chosen differently.

Users need to select the option on the page titled Excluded Friends… or Specific friends, rather than changing the settings from the current setup to Just me. Whichever choice is more convenient for the user will fulfill the purpose.

By selecting Friends except, a user can show the list to everyone except certain people a user selects. There is no limit on how many people can be chosen.

On the contrary, the Specific friends option prevents the list from being viewed by anyone, except for manually selected people who have access to the list.


Why Would Someone Hide Their Friends List on Facebook?

Confidentiality is the main reason why a person wants to hide their loved ones. But one of the reasons for this is to avoid conflict between people who might not like each other. Keep in mind that people can see all posts and photos on a profile page.

Can Someone Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook?

No, mutual friends cannot hide on Facebook; only friends list can be checked. The Mutual Friends option on Facebook is a feature of the application that cannot be changed.

The Final Catch

A user’s privacy is limited to what they choose to share on his profile; but not according to what other users have chosen. To protect a person’s privacy, it’s important to consider that nothing online is completely private. While social media has many different options to keep information private up to a certain point, it will never be without risk.

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