How To Add Link To Instagram Story

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Recently, Instagram has added an important update to its Stories feature. Every story we upload, whether image or video, can now be linked to a website URL. This means your followers will be redirected from Instagram to your website – all the user has to do is swipe up.

Prior to this update, the only option for directing Instagram followers to a website was a link in the user’s bio, making this a huge breakthrough.

Adding a link to a story is a beta feature that works for verified accounts only.

Wait… Only Verified Accounts You Said? There’s A Solution!

Mr.BuyFollowers found a method that opens the possibility for any Instagram account..

In fact, the minimum number of followers that must be following the account in order to be verified is 10,000.

By purchasing followers through Mr.BuyFollowers, your account can become verified!

For example, if you have an Instagram account of 1000 followers,

You will need to purchase 9000 additional followers to be verified before you can add a link to your story.

This means the option can be activated by investing up to $100 (depending on your current amount of followers).

This is a negligible investment compared to the profitable potential that the option provides:

• Business accounts – access their sites, new products, updates, etc. give a link

• Bloggers – update followers easily with new content

• Instagram influencers – promote paid campaigns with a link to the campaign page

• And dozens more options to take advantage of the option to add links to your instagram story.

Still not convinced? Here are a few great examples of using Instagram story link feature we found:

Example 1 – Blog Update on New Content

For example, by adding a link to a story you can see how a blog update gets followers about new content, Followers can easily access new content and get exposure from Instagram app.

Example #2 – Instagram Star Zach King Intrigues His Followers And Monetizes

One creative way to use the story link feature is to engage your audience with something they’d like to see. Instagram star Zach King uploaded this story to announce the winners of his latest contest, but his followers had to swipe up to see the list of winners on his website, which means it generates traffic from Instagram to his website. ads and campaigns.

Example 3 – Update Shopify Store Followers With Discount

A classic example of using the story link feature, a shopify store promotes its product via the story, noting that there is a sale and instructing its followers to scroll up, this tactic is perfectly acceptable when used in moderation, it should not be used to promote every product.

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