How to Download Instagram Stories to Phone Storage

Instagram stories are designed to disappear after 24 hours, just like Facebook and any other social media. This can be frustrating for a user who prefers to leave their uploads for a longer period of time.

Fortunately, there are ways that social media lovers can download Instagram stories for long-term storage.

This paper details some of these techniques. Thanks to this, surfers no longer have to witness their favorite photos and videos being cut short.

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This method is the most common option to store images and clips on Instagram in 2021. Available on both Android and iOS devices. All that is required here is for an account holder to log into the application. Next, find the preferred story and follow the requested instructions.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to download Instagram stories to phone memory:

1. Login to your Instagram account with username and password. Then click on the stories icon.

2. Go to the preferred install in stories. Next, tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Tap Save. For Android devices, this will show as Save Photo/Video.

4. (Only for iOS devices) Tap Save Story to keep the entire upload list instead of a single photo or video.

For non-public uploads, downloads to mobile storage are also available. Here, the person only needs to take a photo or video and then click on the inverted arrow at the top of the screen.

How to Keep Stories as Archives on the Instagram App

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The process of how to save Instagram stories via archives is simple. “Archives” is a feature that acts as a backup for social media application uploads. To access, account holders need to enable the option in their profile settings.

Here’s how you can activate Instagram archives:

1. Go to the profile page and click on the Settings icon at the top of the screen.

2. Touch on Privacy.

3. Click on the story settings.

4. Activate Save To Archive.

Once completed, the stories will be added to the archives automatically.

To access Instagram:

1. Tap on the three bars in the top right corner of the profile page

2. Click Archive below the drop-down list to view the saved stories.

This option is ideal for those who prefer not to download story photos and videos to phone storage. Archives help keep uploads free from prying eyes who might decide to browse their phone’s gallery.

All downloads remain in the app and any device signed into the account can access them. But its disadvantage is that a person cannot see the saved pictures and videos offline.

How to Save Stories to Instagram ‘Highlights’

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Highlights is another easy way to download Instagram stories. It is suitable for people who prefer to show their uploads permanently to the public. Highlights appear on the profile page of a user. The exact location is between the bio (account owner description) and regular Instagram posts.

How to activate? Steps are detailed below:

1. Click on the profile picture to open stories.

2. Tap the highlight icon (heart emoji placed in broken circle).

3. Enter a name for an accent.

4. Click Add to complete the operation.

To access the highlights:

1. Open the application and go to the account profile page.

2. Find a preferred accent with the saved name.

3. Click on the icon to view photos or videos.

Additionally, the highlights allow surfers to keep the stories that have already disappeared. This is when downloads exceed the 24-hour mark by several hours.

To add vanishing images and videos to highlights:

1. Click on the ‘plus’ button in the story section and a list of recent posts will appear on the screen.

2. Tap the preferred photos and videos and then follow the steps above to add the highlights.

Open a post and click the download icon to download more Instagram highlights to mobile storage.

How to Share a Story as a Post to Save Permanently

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Often times, the content shared in the stories looks so good that a person decides to keep it permanently. Highlights and regular Instagram posts make this possible. However, posts are preferable when someone is interested in showing them to viewers rather than holding the uploads alone.

Here is how to share as a post on Instagram:

1. Click on the profile picture to open stories.

2. Tap on the three dots below the favorite pictures and videos.

3. Click on ‘Share as a post…’ from the dropdown options

4. Edit the images to your liking, add a title and click Share.

Once the process is complete, the story photos and videos will appear as regular profile uploads. As such, reactions such as public likes and comments may follow.

How to Save Instagram Stories With Screen Recording

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There are other options available for social media lovers on how to save Instagram stories without using the app. This is possible through mobile features that allow phone owners to take pictures and videos on their screens and third-party apps.

The screen recording method depends heavily on a device’s operating system. Therefore, the steps to download stories with screen recording for iOS and Android devices are listed separately below:

For iPhones

iPhone owners with iOS 11 and above can access the ‘screen recording’ feature on their mobile. This gives you the advantage of downloading Instagram videos anytime. Here is how to activate iPhone screen recording function to download story videos.

1. On iPhone, access Control Center and click Customize Controls.

2. Locate Screen Recording and tap the plus icon (+) next to it.

3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to confirm the recording button.

4. Next, open the Instagram app and go to your favorite stories.

5. Swipe up once again and click on the capture button to start recording.

6. Click the button a second time to end the recording.

The screenshot feature is more suitable for downloading images on iPhones.

1. Open your favorite story images.

2. Press and hold the volume up button and side up button simultaneously.

3. Instantly release buttons to capture screen

For Android

Unlike iOS devices, Android phones don’t have “screen recording” built in. Owners need third-party apps to activate this feature. However, the images can be downloaded through screenshots.

To use external applications for screen recording videos on Android devices:

1. Visit google play store and download a screen recorder.

2. Start Instagram and make any necessary configurations.

3. Enable the recording feature and access the app.

4. Open the favorite videos and enable the external app to record.

To use screenshot feature to download images on Android phones:

1. Open the preferred photo in stories.

2. Press and hold volume down and power button simultaneously.

3. Instantly release to take a picture.

The steps detailed above work to enable the screenshot function on most Android devices. However, operators can visit the phone manufacturer’s website if they do not apply.

How to Download Another User’s Instagram Story

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The process of saving someone else’s Instagram story is very similar to the use of internal phone features and external applications. iPhone owners can use mobile screenshot or screen recording features for images and videos respectively. Android users should stick with third-party apps as always. Options are also available for individuals who do not use social media.

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