How To Get Followers Even With Zero Posts

95 million posts are shared every day on Instagram. However, it’s not easy to get your content recognized through posts alone. Some people can even gain considerable followers without any posts.

There are many ways other than posting to increase your followers and improve your reach. Content is integral to gaining followers; however, it is not the only factor. The many features that Instagram offers make it possible for you to interact with your audience without sharing. Let’s see some ways that can help you gain followers without submitting anything.


Good Engagement With The Audience

Building relationships and interacting frequently with your followers will help you gain trust. You will be able to build a strong Instagram profile if you treat them like your friends and comment on their posts, like them and even reply to their messages. People will see you as a real person and will be drawn towards you even though there is no content.

Respond to your old and new followers and interact with your audience on other social media platforms. This will build a stronger relationship because now you will be able to talk on multiple platforms. You can also find new people to interact with on other platforms and build a relationship with them so you can follow them later on Instagram.

This is not limited to just social media. You can talk to people in real life, connect with random people, and then send requests to them on Instagram. Along with a wide circle of friends, networking is essential to gaining followers.

Linking With Youtube


YouTube is another great way to promote your content. There are more than 2 billion YouTube users around the world. That said, as soon as you type a question for Google, a few of the best results come from YouTube. People understand better than videos, so they turn to YouTube when they want to learn something.

Once you’ve solved people’s questions or entertained them on your YouTube Channel, you can connect them to your Instagram handle. If people like your YouTube content, you don’t need to post anything on Instagram to gain followers. Because they love you, they will do it automatically.

Interact Through Instagram Stories

Stories are a great way to engage your target audience without posting anything. Stories only stay temporary and are a great way to strengthen your relationship with your followers. You can do polls, post random stuff without really posting any content on the stream. People love polls and questions in stories. That way they interact with your profile without any content.

Doing Live Sessions

Go Live is another feature that makes it fun and easy to interact with viewers. You may have zero streams, but going live gives viewers a real piece of your life. They find it more engaging when they comment on their thoughts, asking you questions to show their support.


Posts are the most popular way to engage people. However, that’s not the only way. Other features that Instagram has to offer may be more effective than others. You can reach a large number of followers by combining all of these methods.