How to Link Instagram to Facebook from Phone

Many social media geeks and business owners think how many users make their IG posts appear on FB without any hassle?

Ever wondered how to connect Instagram to Facebook? The trick is to crosslink their account so they can write a post or make changes to their account. Users can also instruct IG to simultaneously stream content to FB.

Syncing profiles can trigger notification alerts to friends to let them know the user is now on IG.

Read on to find out how to sync IG with FB in 2021.

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Learn how to connect Facebook to Instagram, in particular how to connect Facebook to Instagram from a phone with a simple procedure. As long as the user remembers their login information, they’re good to go.

1. Open the IG app, go to the profile page and click on the three lines or gear thumbnail in the top right corner.

2. Click on “settings”, “Account” option from the menu. The user will find a drop-down menu of social media sites to which they can connect, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

3. Select FB and a new option titled “Facebook Options.” This will take the user to a number of leads to instruct IG to post their content on their FB account. To complete this step, make sure FB is logged in. After the account linking procedure is complete, go back to the “Sharing Settings” page on IG and FB, it will appear with the recognizable blue screen checked to indicate the connection has been established.

4. Tap “Facebook” again to preset the sharing features. Below the “Share via” pane, the user can choose to post the content on a custom timeline or on a fan page they manage.

5. Here it is! The attempt to link Facebook to Instagram is complete. Enjoy the best of both worlds, cross post and enjoy.

To ensure a smooth connection using a mobile device, follow the steps written above.

How to Connect Instagram to Facebook from Computer

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Although there might be a few snags, most users asking how to connect Instagram to Facebook on the computer do so successfully.

Below are the steps required to successfully bind FB to IG on a desktop browser:

1. Log in to FB from the main page and go to the Job Menu. Tap on “Settings” at the top of the page.

2. Find IG logo in left sidebar, click it. Tap “Login”, follow the tips and connect IG to a FB fan page.

These simple steps have accelerated many marketing campaigns over the past few years.

Pros and Cons of Syncing Facebook to Instagram

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Here are the pros of syncing FB to IG:

1. It Requires Minimal Effort

Users looking to connect Facebook to Instagram will be pleased to know that the process is quick and that a large number of customers and people with similar interests can be reached with one click. It allows the user to create a double-shot ad stream that they put together in both apps.

2. It Prevents Frustration

All machines are prone to breakdowns and they can never make surprises. Personal news-spreading practices are similar in that a user may be denied access to their account and the recovery process can be painful. FB can store all IG posts and place them in “IG Photos”.

3. Secure a Profile

User profiles are safe on both profiles. This is particularly useful if the user uses one application more than another for professional networking. Interested partners can see this and indicate their interest in cooperation.

4. Real-time Synchronization

Coordinated posting is a big advantage of linking from Facebook to IG because user can ask first to post to second.

5. Helps The User Make The Most Of Social Media

Trying to connect Facebook to Instagram has twofold ramifications for businesses as a user is enjoying the best of both worlds in terms of brand exposure.


Here are the cons of syncing FB to IG:

1. Conflicts of Interest

Instagram users are more sensitive visually than FB users. And when a user is trying to connect Facebook to Instagram, Instagram may find themselves creating links to written stories or articles to reroute their heads. This can backfire as many IG users don’t care to see and read.

2. Longer Linking Procedure On Mobile

Attempts to link Facebook to Instagram on mobile devices may not be as easy as they seem, especially for older users who aren’t mobile-tech savvy.

3. The Generational Divide

Statistics show that people over the age of 35 do not use their IG to FB links. They’re too busy to try the cacophony of social media functions. Those under this age willingly use crosslinking.

Share Facebook Post to Instagram On a Desktop Computer

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After you have successfully linked an Instagram handle to a Facebook handle, you can share Facebook posts to Instagram from a desktop computer this way.

1. Go to the “Write a Post” section of the FB Fan Page and post content and upload a photo, video or post. Currently, a user can only post a photo when crossposting from Facebook to Instagram. Make sure that the image aspect ratio is 1:1 or 4:3 compatible with IG. Anything higher than that and IG will crop it automatically.

2. After preparing the caption, tap on the “cross post to Instagram” feature and click “Share Now”.

Share Facebook Posts to Instagram on Mobile

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Now the largest country in the world, Facebook has provided Instagram a way to post and get the most out of it. Crossposting has allowed users to post anything when posting from Facebook to Instagram.

Unfortunately, the multicast feature is limited to FB and not an Android or iPhone mobile app. Also, the stories are currently not adapted and multiple images cannot be crossposted.

Since FB mobile apps do not support the traditional approach, users can try alternative methods or hacks when they want to post from Facebook to Instagram.

Share Facebook Posts to Instagram Explained

1. Open any photo published in FB by clicking on it. Open the picture in full screen mode, then tap the top right menu bar and click “External Sharing”.

2. Select “Feed” from the drop-down menu. This will open the picture in IG. The user can select “Stories” and post it on their Instagram stories. Click Submit and it’s done.

Now, while the aforementioned method is not the traditional way of crossposting, it has some advantages as it works for both personal and work profiles.

Limitations to Consider

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There are some scenarios in the FB-IG connection process:

1. Currently, FB is testing the cross-posting mechanism because this mechanism has many shortcomings. Users need to keep these limitations at their fingertips before attempting to sync Facebook to Instagram and double post.

2. This service is only available for FB pages and does not apply to personal handles.

3. Only individual image submissions are allowed as the cross posting feature is not available for Stories and multiple image posts.

4. The cross post feature is adapted for desktop only, not for FB mobile app.

5. Users can only crosspost to IG if they choose the “Publish Now” button as it does not have a “Publish Later” button.

6. Cross post feature is not fully functional as it may not be available to all FB pages.

7. Users will have to disable two-step verification from their Instagram handles in order to be able to cross post from Facebook to Instagram.

Other Ways to Republish from Facebook To Instagram

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There are various other ways to forward personal news from FB to IG beyond the recently released cross-streaming service. Social media scheduling apps like Hootsuite and IFTTT allow users to send messages on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, like Facebook’s cross-post feature.

Hootsuite: This is a social media management service that can post user-generated content on multiple social media apps at scheduled times.

IFTTT: This is another functional service which a user can use to cross post images and videos between FB and IG. This service enables users to create applications that initiate an action when an initial action occurs.

With IFTTT, users can also develop various “recipes” using apps that share their FB content with Gram. The platform can also create a recipe that will automatically upload a photo to IG if someone automatically uploads a photo to FB.

Pros and Cons of Cross-Publishing

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After creating a cross-link, it’s time to cross-upload from Facebook to Instagram. Here are its pros and cons.


Here are the pros of publishing from FB to IG:

1. It Prevents Unnecessary Physical Toggling

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants to beat the clock. Crossposting saves valuable work minutes that would otherwise be wasted publishing separately.

2. It Generates Awareness

Users can post ads on FB on IG and increase visibility and keep up with their friends, family and customers even if the user doesn’t care about being an internet phenomenon that everyone is trying to be these days.

3. Share Rare Photographs

To avoid uploading old photos from IG to FB, click the image and tap the menu in the sidebar on the top right. Select an app to post and share.

For FB the message will appear as is, but on other platforms the image will appear as a link.

4. Automatic Publishing

Synchronization settings can be made in IG with a few clicks. In Settings > Accounts > Linked Accounts, tap FB. On this page, the user can toggle between controls, for example “Forward Story to Facebook” and “Feed Posts to FB”.

5. An Opportunity To Explore

Humans are statistical entities. The opportunity to collect data from reviewers such as volume, frequency and opinions will help a brand know their next steps to achieve their goals.

6. Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

Building a broad portfolio of social media networks is one of the most exciting aspects of 21st century life, especially if the user is constantly on the lookout to break new ground and reach cross-attractiveness.


Here are the cons of syncing FB to IG:

1. Comments May Not Be Replied Timely

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Most users prefer one website over another, and when reviewers start posting spam comments, it may not be on the less favorite app. These offensive replies, if left unaddressed, can take a huge hit to the user’s follow-up.

2. Instagram Is Not A Great Place For Long-Wall Content

While photos and short videos are great for brand advertising, written content works as well. Note that unlike FB, IG is not tailored for prose-loving viewers.

The cross-posting service is not designed to allow users to upload long stories.

3. Adding Links Is Fine But…

Although a link to a user’s FB reader summary can be shared with Gram, it is unlikely to be read. It also becomes more difficult when there is more than one connection.

Users have absolutely nothing to lose when connecting Facebook to Instagram. In fact, it’s yielded great results for individuals and businesses.

4. No Mobile Uploading

Users can only cross-load in their desktop browser. No adaptation for mobile. Users can search and use third-party sites and other sharing hacks for mobile devices like “External Repost Feature”.

FAQ Section

How Do You Repost Videos From Facebook to Instagram?

Not sure how to share exciting and interesting videos from Facebook to Instagram? It’s easy, first start the Facebook app and scroll through content or other people’s content for a video to be shared.

• Find an interesting video, long press the video and a side menu will pop up.

• Locate “Repost External” and click on it.

• Next, a tray will appear with a number of destinations for reposting the video. Search for IG logo and click on it.

• As soon as IG is selected, the app will launch and the video will be ready to be reposted.

Should I Post The Same Content on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, but not required. While most people who connect Instagram to Facebook can reach wider audiences with a single post, there is a need to understand the difference between both audiences in terms of user attraction and engagement.

• While IG is often suitable for sharing the flashiest part of a person’s life or media-level content from brands and influencers, FB is primarily a place for users to look for friends and family to play games and secondarily engage with the wider community. Therefore, create a separate plan for Facebook and Instagram because these platforms have slightly different looks.

• Adjust delivery intervals according to what works best.

Again, consider leaving hashtags out when crossposting or posting on IG to FB. Hash-tagged captions are the norm on IG but pretty foreign on FB.

How Do I Enable Share Option On Facebook?

Sometimes the sharing option that allows the user to post personal news is not available and this is related to a setting in the account. Whether a user is on mobile or desktop, go to the ‘Create Post’ page, click ‘Friends’ to display the drop-down menu at the bottom of the ‘Select Privacy’ page, ‘public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Other Friends’, ‘and ‘Me Only’. ” Click “Done” when the adjustments are made.

There It Is, Folks

The above is a mystery free way to connect Instagram to Facebook. This procedure allows a user to create powerful content in multiple applications at once with a few clicks. These platforms are one of the most effective marketing tools in 2021 because they allow their businesses to show the human side and have proven to be game changers for targeting buyers over the long term.

Who wouldn’t take advantage of this magical feature and discover the golden goose of their work? Have any comments? Describe these in the comments section.

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