How to See Recent Followers on Instagram: Yours, Others – Boost IG Follows in Quick

How to See Recent Followers on Instagram: Yours, Others – Boost IG Follows in Quick

3 solutions to how to see recent followers on Instagram in 2021. Follow these methods to see your and others recent Instagram followers easily.

According to Instagram statistics, 63% of Instagram users check the app at least once a day, and 42% open the app more than once in the same day. Most Instagram users are quite busy and checking the app from time to time. For every control of the Instagram app, what they care most about is the latest followers on Instagram and the latest Instagram likes.


This guide will show you how to tell recent followers on Instagram, how to see your and people’s last followers on Instagram with 3 methods and also how to increase the last follower tier. Let’s check them out one by one.

  • 1. How to Tell Recent Followers on Instagram
  • 2. How to See Recent Followers on Instagram
  • 3. How to Increase Recent Followers on Instagram
  • 1. How to Tell Recent Followers on Instagram

This section is for those who are not aware of Instagram’s recent followers, but if so, please skip directly to Section 2. The latest followers on Instagram are also considered as the newest followers who follow you on Instagram. Follow these steps to learn how to tell and find the latest followers on Instagram.

Step 1. Open your Instagram app on your mobile, then tap on the “Like” icon that shows the recent activity of your followers related to your account.

Step 2. In this interface, you will see the list of the most recent followers and the time they followed you on Instagram.

These followers are the last followers of Instagram accounts. Easy to say, right? Next, let’s see how to see the last followers you and people have on Instagram.

2. How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

How to see latest followers on Instagram is always one of the hot topics regardless of seeing your latest followers on Instagram or other followers on Instagram.

Question from Reddit: Is there a way to see recent followers on Instagram as the browser chronological order is no longer working? How? Continue reading.


2.1 How to See Your Recent Followers on Instagram

To see your recent followers on Instagram, there are 3 ways.

Method 1. (Only for the 100 newest Instagram followers)

The steps are almost similar to the previous part, let’s see how to check it.

1. Open your Instagram application and log in.

2. Go to the activity page.

3. Check the last followers of your account on Instagram.


Warning: From the Activity page, you will only see the last 100 followers who followed you on Instagram, there is no access to see your new followers on Instagram. Please proceed to Method 2 to check all your recent followers.

Method 2. (For all your recent followers Instagram)

1. Go to the list of your followers, take a screenshot and record who was the last follower.

2. Next time you want to check latest followers on Instagram, also go to your follower list, find the last saved follower, all the followers after the last follower.

Tips: The possibility of followers to unfollow you is always available, it is recommended to register three or four followers so that the registered follower does not unfollow you when you double-check.

Method 3. Using 3-rd Party App Analyzer Plus

An app called Analyzer Plus allows you to track your followers, find your recent followers on Instagram, identify those who are interactive or unfollow you, get insight on your posts and stories, etc. He admitted it was helpful. Other features of this Insta analytics app, you can discover for yourself. Now, let’s look more at how to see recent followers on Instagram with it.

Step 1. Also download and install on your device. The iOS version has been tested. You can get it from App Store.

Step 2. Log into your Instagram account. No registration necessary.

Step 3. Tap on your followers statistics, then you will see the followers you have gained. You can change the time categories to check recent followers from 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, or from the beginning.


2.2 How to See Peoples’ Recent Followers on Instagram

Here is another question from Quora: How can I see who the recent followers of a friend’s Instagram account are?


Yes, besides checking the last followers of your own Instagram account, many of you are also wondering how to check a friend’s recent followers or how to check someone’s new followers on Instagram. This section is for you.

We’ve tested the three online tools under this question on Quora and have proven ineffective and do nothing to help you check recent followers on Instagram. Sites that collect information about you and guide you to sign up and do some online surveys. Don’t be misled by these malicious links, for fear of causing unknown damage.

Checking the recent followers of a friend or someone else on Instagram can be done using all three methods mentioned above. There are no shortcuts, follower tracking apps are recommended if available.

3. How to Increase Recent Followers on Instagram

As mentioned at the beginning, everyone is very worried about who is following you lately. You focus not only on your own account, but on your friends and others as well. People are hoping that their followers will become more and more. You can grow your followers more effectively instead of waiting anonymously or gaining the latest followers from others. Adopting more efficient methods to increase recent followers on Instagram, such as using a professional IG followers app like Mr.BuyFollowers, is the ultimate solution to increase new followers on Instagram.