In What Order, Instagram Followers Are Listed?

Instagram is without a doubt one of the biggest social media apps. It has about 1 billion active users, and half of them use Instagram almost daily. Users spend an average of 53 minutes every day on the platform. This gives them sufficient time to connect with their friends and followers.

It is a hub for all social activities by discovering new trends and personal blogs. You’ll find models, blogs, shops and much more on one platform. With such diversity, everyone wants to be famous. Your list of followers represents your influence on the platform. So what order are your Instagram followers listed in? Continue reading to get the answer.

Order For Followers List

Getting lots of followers and likes is very important nowadays. It allows you to be effective and have a large social network. However, one thing we all think about at some point is how our followers are organized. We took it upon ourselves to find out how the Instagram algorithm works if our followers are regulated.

Instagram has been quiet about how these follower lists are organized. But understanding the algorithm can help you find that out.

There is not much you need to know for your follower list. List is in chronological order. You’ll find the newest followers at the top of the list and the first followers at the bottom. It is not determined by the last activity or interaction.

Others also say that their followers are listed alphabetically. The trend, however, shows that this only applies to people with under 200 followers.

Order For Following List

The following list is by most recent activity, while the followers list is organized chronologically. The people you interact with the most are at the top of the list below. He’ll probably keep your best friends over the top to show your relationship’s closeness.

Instagram has yet to explain why the algorithm works the way it does. But he’s pushing his close friends to the top. It mainly depends on how much people talk on the platform, its relevance and interests. The algorithm puts the accounts you are interested in or have recently followed at the top.

So if you’d like to see how Instagram interprets your activities, you can check out the list below.

Are Your Stalkers Ranked At The Beginning Of Your Following List?

Just as we discussed that people close to you are at the top of your follow list, does that mean that followers are at the top too?

Followers on Instagram are people who interact with your posts more frequently. They will like your posts regularly, watch your stories or message you. It’s hard to know for sure because the algorithm analyzes relationships. It’s not just about them interacting with your posts, it’s also about interacting with theirs.

There’s no way to be sure about that. Unless Instagram explains the algorithm, that’s a good guess like any guess.


A better understanding of the algorithm will enable you to use Instagram more efficiently. The following list is based on recent activities, while the follower list is organized chronologically. It is not known why these two lists were arranged differently. We won’t know for sure until Instagram releases some new info.